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Ini Nih Tips Menjadi Pengusaha Bunga Papan

Pengusaha Bunga Papan

Mencari pekerjaan saat ini sangat sulit, terkadang telah banyak surat lamaran yang dimasukan tapi hasilnya tidak satupun yang dipangil. Menjadi seorang penganguran tentunya tidak mungkin dikarenakan banyak kebutuhan yang harus dipenuhi. Oleh karena itu, tidak ada salahnya untuk membuka peluang usaha sendiri. Banyak peluang usaha yang bisa Anda jalankan saat ini dan modal yang dibutuhkan tidak terlalu besar. Salah satunya menjadi pengusaha bunga papan. Dimana usaha satu ini usaha yang cukup menjanjikan untuk Anda jalankan. Selain itu, banyak orang yang memerlukan bunga papan sebagai salah satu bentuk turut berduka cita atau juga turut bahagiah atas keberhasilan seseorang. Bunga papan sering digunakan diberbagai momen penting seperti pernikahan, duka cita, peresmian, dan lain sebagainya. Nah, tertarikah Anda untuk menjadi seorang pengusaha bunga papan? Jika Anda tertarik, ini nih tipsnya.

Menyiapkan tempat usaha yang strategis

Tips pertama yang harus Anda siapkan untuk menjadi pengusaha bunga papan adalah tempat. Anda harus menyiapkan tempat usaha yang strategis karena tempat menjadi pendukung agar usaha Anda dapat berjalan dengan baik. Dengan mendapatkan tempat yang strategis, maka usaha bunga papan Anda lebih mudah untuk ditemukan orang. Jika Anda memutuskan untuk menyewa tempat untuk membuka usaha ini, sebaiknya Anda siapkan tempat yang berada di pinggir jalan dan tempat lalu lalang orang banyak.

Menjalin kerjasama dengan pemasok bunga

Untuk mendapatkan bunga tentunya agak sulit apalagi jahu dari kebunga bunga. Oleh karena itu, tips kedua untuk Anda yang ingin menjadi pengusaha bunga papan, Anda harus menjalin kerjasama dengan pemasok bunga. Anda dapat menjalin kerjasama dengan pemasok bunga dari daerah mana saja. Jika memungkinkan tidak ada salahnya untuk menjalin kerjasama dengan pemasok bunga dari luar negeri. Semakin banyak Anda mendapatkan pemosok bunga, maka semakin mudah untuk memulai usaha bunga papan Anda. Hal ini dikarenakan bunga menjadi media pertama yang harus Anda miliki sebagai seorang pengusaha bunga papan. Oleh karena itu, carilah sebanyak mungkin informasi untuk mendapatkan pemasok bunga.

Memiliki teterampilan merangkaian bunga

Tips ketiga yang tidak kalah pentingnya untuk Anda miliki sebagai seorang pengusaha bunga papan adalah keterampilan. Anda harus memiliki keterampilan dalam merangkai bunga di atas papan yang akan dijadikan media. Anda harus bisa merangkai bunga dengan bagu agar terlihat cantik ketika dipajang. Selain Anda harus memiliki keterampilan dalam merangkai bunga, Anda juga harus bisa mengkombinasi warna dan jenis bunga secara rapi dan bagus. Dengan memiliki keterampilan dan daya imajinasi, maka Anda dapat merangkai bunga sesuai dengan keinginan dari konsumen. Jika Anda belum memiliki keterampilan dalam merangkai bunga, Anda dapat belajar dari orang-orang yang telah bisa berangkai bunga papan jika tidak lihat youtube sebagai tempat untuk Anda belajar merangkai. kunjungi http://www.floweradvisor.co.id/florist/indonesia/flowers/untuk Anda mendapatakan rangkaian bunga yang bagus.

Menyediakan mobil bak terbuka untuk pengantarannya

Jika Anda konsumen yang memesan, tentunya Anda harus mengantar bunga. Bunga papan tidak bisa jika Anda antar menggunakan motor atau mobil tertutup. Hal ini dikarenakan rangkaian bunga papan cukup besar sehingga membutuhkan mobil yang terbuka. Oleh karena itu, tips selanjutnya yang harus Anda sediakan sebagai seorang pengusaha bunga papan, Anda harus menyediakan mobil bak terbuka untuk pengantarannya. Dengan Anda mengantar dengan mobil bak terbuka, maka rangkaian bunga papan Anda tetap tersusun dengan rapi.

Rangkaian bunga papan memiliki makna tersendiri bagi seorang yang mengirim dan yang menerima. Oleh karena itu, jika Anda ingin menjadi seorang pengusaha bunga papan, maka Anda harus belajar banyak mengenai bunga papan.

Tips on Buying Christmas Hamper

bisnis parsel

No longer will enter the month of December. Where in this month Christian religion will celebrate the feast of Christmas. To welcome Christmas, various products which are packaged in beautiful will meet the road. This is because Christmas is not much different from the feast of the Muslims who are using percel as a gift. In addition, businesses that could be said annual business are a lot of profit. Although said to is the annual business, but this business can be sold as a normal day? However, its peak when the feast, one example Christmas. To be a person who wants to be a parcel business is not too difficult. For those of you who are interested in this business. The following will explain tips for building a business parcel:

Search the contents of parcels with good quality but cheap price

First of all you can do with a way to source the contents of the parcel at a low price. Although the contents of the parcel that you get a low price, but you still pay attention to the quality of the goods. To get a low price, you should buy the first seller or by searching for the location of production directly. The price will you get certainly cheaper. By doing so, it becomes more profit for you.

Increase creativity in assembling and wrapping

To build a business, especially parcels, of course, creativity is very important. This is because consumers will see from the outside of the new contents of the parcel. Well, to attract consumers, of course, you have to increase creativity in assembling and wrapping a parcel. Buy the book can be one way as a guide or by learning your own. In addition, you can browse the internet to find examples parcel. If not, you can easily to imitate directly by looking at youtube. With you the many searching for information, then you will continue to evolve to improve creativity in assembling and wrapping a parcel. The better the circuit, it is increasingly becoming consumer appeal.

Create the appearance of the parcel as attractive as possible

The next tips you should do to build a Christmas parcel business is to create the appearance of a parcel as attractive as possible. Try to show/ make the parcel is much better and different from an existing market. You can coherent matching colors and accessories. Well, for the feast of Christmas it is synonymous with green and red colors. These calls can be considered to give a parcel to be more attractive appearance.

Prepare a media campaign

It is no less important for a business, namely the promotion. How well the business you run, no promotion will not be known by many people. For that, you need to prepare a media campaign. The continued development of the times, the promotion you can do a lot. Online and offline promotion could be an option. Using an online promotion, of course, can expand your business network. However, the promotion is very important to do. Do not forget to show your picture best parcel. You need to remember also in the promotion, you should never feel tired to continue to distribute flyers or always update parcel information or images every few months. Facebook can be a means of promotion the easiest thing to do.

kunjungi  http://www.floweradvisor.com atau http://www.floweradvisor.com/florist/united_states/roses/white_roses/60/

Many business opportunities that you can do one of the parcel businesses. If you are interested in running this business, hopefully in the above manner can be beneficial.

Safety Tips on Buying Christmas Hamper Online

Christmas Hamper Online

In big cities such as Jakarta, congestion has become a daily diet. So badly, even to get to the location which, if reached by walking approximately 15 minutes, can be up for hours when using a vehicle, especially a car that is difficult weaving. It will certainly very tiring badly stuck in traffic. No wonder that residents of the capital prefer online shopping goods, including Christmas parcels. You one of them? Christmas parcels bought online as a Christmas gift or to share Christmas love with the nearest, dearest, and require be the right decision. However, caution is no risk of a Christmas parcel behind shopping online. The following safety tips you can apply:

Pay with PayPal

Payment by Paypal is considered safer than other methods of payment (excluding COD). Only, you must have a PayPal account. PayPal account itself consists of three types, namely personal, primary, and business. If you do not want any restrictions transaction, please do verification of bank accounts and PayPal. How do I use Paypal to purchase online Christmas parcel? Sign in to your PayPal account, click the send payment, enter the recipients email and the total payment, select the tab online purchases, and then press continue. Christmas parcels desired is not forthcoming? My Account tab and then to the center of the settlement, disputed transactions, and ultimately required to enter the transaction ID. FlowerAdvisor, one of the providers of Christmas hampers delivery in Singapore which offer PayPal as a payment system.

Choose a reliable delivery seller party partners

Online sellers including Christmas parcels sellers generally are not going to send the buyer’s order itself. Online sellers will cooperate with the delivery to provide Christmas hampers ordered by the buyer. It is advisable to choose a seller who has become the reliable delivery. Pos Indonesia, JNE, and Tiki, into the reliable delivery. Why? Parties have reliable delivery is usually going to get faster, packing even better, and of course there will be insurance for items damaged or lost. Although compensation is given will vary is 100%, 10 times the cost of shipping, or so forth depending goods and documents.

Keep proof of transaction

Evidence transactions such as one important transfer receipts to be stored when online Christmas shopping parcels. Proof of transaction is very important when desired Christmas parcel is not forthcoming, the seller claimed no payment for Christmas parcels were booked, or cheated by the seller. This could be the capital to complain to the seller or sellers even reported to the authorities because of fraud under the guise of an online store. Seal on Christmas parcel should never be ignored. If it is a book of Christmas parcels glassware such as tea sets, cutlery, etc. are broken after arriving the destination, proof of the transaction once the seal is not broken can increase the chances of getting compensation guarantee.

Hopefully this Christmas parcels desired and avoid online fraud 😀 By the way, have found the right type of parcel yet? If not, please do not hesitate to join the facebook account to get the once clays guidelines parcels models 😀

Easy Steps in Making Ramadhan Hampers

Ramadhan HampersFor Muslims, Ramadan hampers have a fairly deep meaning that in addition to upholding the traditions also uphold the sense of sharing. That is why hampers Ramadan is considered as one of the gifts that must be supplied when the financial situation was healthy. If you are an employee in a company, of course, you will receive holiday allowances, is not it? If so, why not still discouraged to make hampers. In fact, this will be a blessing because the holy month you intend to share. You need to know, not necessarily hampers Ramadan you can by buying because you can make it yourself at home. Precisely this will put more pressure on your finances can simultaneously hone skills well. Is it true? Yup, you can follow these steps to create it:

Decide what kind of hampers that will be created

When you intend to make hampers, of course, it occurred to anyone hampers will be given. Although seemingly trivial, but it should not be overlooked. Because, hampers you create must be adapted to the recipient. If the recipient is a relative who has a cake business widths, certainly less suitable it feels when you give hampers of food. In this case, it would be better if you give hampers types of Islamic dress to make it more memorable.

In addition, besides adjusting to the recipient, it should kind of hampers you make also should adjust with the budget you have. If your budget is high, it is not wrong to want to make the kind of hampers in significant amounts and luxurious. But if you provide a budget that is relatively minimal, it helps if you make a financial budget in advance so that the bag remains healthy and your savings are not drained.

Prepare baskets, content, and other equipment

If hampers the content you have purchased, the next thing to do is to prepare the contents of hampers and other equipment to be used, such as scissors, baskets, ribbons, flowers, tape, plastic, and so forth. To save time in searching for the equipment, you can order through the Internet, one basket. For example in Malaysia hampers store that has become the choice of people to order Xmas gift basket online.

Follow the instructions of making hampers

When the fixtures and fittings hampers all been prepared, it is time to assemble hampers easily. You can manage the contents hampers by putting in advance the contents of hampers that have a large size at the very bottom or rear, after it had nearly overtaken by other contents are small so regularly. Then, wrap with plastic hampers were prepared as close as possible to make it look presentable.

In addition, to facilitate the making of hampers, you can also see the tutorial coupling hampers through youtube. For example coupling hampers the first time should you consider it right steps, do not let your guard down because if there is equipment that remains likely outcome that you assemble hampers to be imperfect.

For coupling the second time, you can mimic bit by bit until the coupling hampers completely intact. However, it would be nice if you use fixtures and equipment hampers the manufacture of special, in other words just an example to follow the example of the existing coupling. Because if your views are not so focused with hampers you make, it is not likely the result of a string of hampers looks disheveled. To see an example of making hampers the latest creations, you follow update from Twitter.

Gave hampers to a beloved one part of a very noble deed. Moreover, it is implemented within the holy month of Ramadan, the reward would be doubled. However, in this case the heart not to be arrogant because it will only reduce the reward. Therefore, make hampers that you created as an addition to the excitement in the feast after fasting one month.

Top 4 Women’s Favorite Flowers

Flowers are the beauty that is becoming one of the most women. Besides trimmer in the yard of the house, also made in the interest of women to decorate the house. By looking at the colorful and fragrant flowers to attract women like flower plants. Many flowers are favored by women, but there are flowers, the most a popular choice for women. To find out more, following 4e flower types:


bunga mawar

The roses are the most interest in searching by everyone, especially women. This is the hallmark of fragrant flowers make this an option. This flower became a very popular flower because these flowers can be one of interest for important occasions. Roses consist of many kinds of colors, such as red and white. The number of color choices that people do not get bored with roses as a gift. Roses are also not only used to decorate the living room or garden. These flowers also can be used as perfume making.



Orchid is a type of plant that is the main attraction for women so many women who are fond of this one flower. The beauty that radiates from the orchid flower provides a wonderful impression on the eye can see. Orchids give the impression of admiring beauty. Therefore, many women who make this one plant as an ornamental flower. This interest also does not show a single color, such as purple, white, and yellow. With a wide range of colors is what can be the reason women love orchids. How to plant these flowers is quite easy not only on land, but also can be planted using the media former coconut fibers.


bunga melati

Flower buds will experience tonight and will start to bloom when the morning has become a lot of people are like. In addition, this flower has a characteristic of cash that is on the scent. A flower that grow in the tropics and will begin to bloom in the spring is a jasmine flower. These fragrant flowers that spread into a woman’s attractiveness. With white color make this flower as a flower that symbolizes or have a sacred meaning that interest is often used when the wedding.


bunga matahari

Flowers that have a large size, yellow and have seeds in the flower circle an option favored by the female flower. However, this is not like a flower plant other flowers that can bloom quickly because interest include annual interest. Sunflower also can grow anywhere. In addition, the seeds of these flowers can train to be enjoyed as a delicious snack or often known as watermelon seeds. Not only seeds can be enjoyed, but also flowers and roots can be used as a traditional medicine. Where the root of the sunflower can be efficacious to treat urinary tract infections, inflammation of the respiratory tract. To interest itself can be used as a high blood pressure medication.

Well, that’s different types of flowers that can be your choice to become ornamental plants.

Favorite Flowers for Décor

Favorite Flowers for DécorMarriage became one of the most beautiful moments in the life of every person. No wonder that most people who have a good financial wants her wedding party held in a lively and magnificent. Many attempt to do in this case, one of them using all kinds of flowers for decorating the wedding hall that looks more colorful party. As for the kinds of flowers that are often used for the above are:


roseRoses has the symbol of love and affection pure. No wonder when the flowers become the choice of many people to be awarded to someone who means, such as a boyfriend or a friend. In addition, the roses are also very appropriate to be used as a wedding hall decorations. Besides suitable placed on the table of the invited guests, roses are also very harmonious when decorated in the aisle the bride.


OrchidOrchids also has an impressive sense that pure love, the power of sincere love, beauty, elegance, and kindness. In addition, orchids have pretty colors and shapes are also stunning. Frankly, many people choose it to be used as a wedding hall decorations. Moreover, when the orchids are used of various kinds, such as orchids month, sugarcane, hartinah, and bags, will certainly add an interesting charm of the building. In addition to the wedding, too many orchid flowers were placed at the entrance of the building that looks more magnificent feast.

Yellow palm

Yellow palmYellow palm does have a very simple form. However, interest has a variety of benefits yellow palm one of which can counteract free radicals so that the atmosphere of the room became cool. People generally put right in front of the yellow palm aisle in order to add to the impression of freshness. Remember, in addition to creating a festive wedding party become too important to give comfort to the guests invited to the party in order to run smoothly. Imagine if the room temperature is hot and arid, it is not impossible invited guests who feel sick would quickly leave the wedding hall.


LilyLily has a sense of purity and prosperity. That’s why many people also use it as a wedding hall decorations. Not only suitable placed on the table of guests, such interest is also very harmonious when it collaborated with roses for wedding decorations. The more interest that combined will further add to the charm of the wedding party.

Using flowers to decorate the wedding hall has become one right way to make into a festive wedding reception. In addition, apart from being used as a decoration of the building, roses, orchids, and lilies can also be made as bridal bouquets. Of course, this will increase in line with the course of the wedding party.

Just a suggestion, if you want to use a lot of interest as above for a wedding reception, it helps create a budget beforehand so that your finances are not chaotic. As you know, there are a lot of other preparations that you need to be sure, such as catering and the number of invitations.



Success Tips to Grow Ornamental Plants

There are many home-based business area that can be run to generate income, one of which cultivation of ornamental plants. Even ornamental plants not only bring sustenance, but also prevent a variety of diseases because of the threat of ornamental plant species cultivated can counteract free radicals effectively. The cultivation of ornamental plants would require tenacity in practice it in order to be harvested well. In addition, in order to be successful cultivation of ornamental plants should also include a variety of the following things:Sukses Membudidayakan Tanaman Hias

Lush planting medium

One important factor in agriculture is the growing media. Criteria for a good planting medium in this case is a loose soil but not waterlogged. Imagine if the soil is dry, plant growth would be minimal so that in time they will die. Therefore, the growing media is very important to ascertain in advance when it will start a farm business.

Superior seeds

To obtain a satisfactory crop seeds used must surely superior. Useless if the media is good but the seeds of plants that used to grow and even die. Of course it will cause a lot of harm. Therefore, it is important to use quality seeds to get the maximum cultivation. It’s okay to buy seedlings of ornamental plants at a price that is high enough to obtain a good result, rather than the price is cheap but not able to grow, there will be a loss instead.

Fertilizers and quality drugs

In order for ornamental plants grow as expected also to be carried out fertilization and treatment. Fertilization can help the growth of plants in order to develop properly due to increased humus planting medium. Likewise with the treatment, the goal is to free from pests.

There are two kinds of fertilizer which can be used in this case that the organic and inorganic. Organic fertilizer commonly referred to as natural fertilizers or natural one of which comes from animal waste. While inorganic fertilizers are fertilizers produced by the plant and contains chemical elements. Nevertheless, inorganic fertilizer nutrients also have a high enough so that is also good for plant growth.

Cuttings or grafting

To accelerate the growth of plants and beautify the shape and color, you can also make cuttings or grafting techniques. Cuttings or grafting techniques are generally done when the plants have started to grow. Why? When the stems of ornamental plants still include weak, so vulnerable to fractures. However, that is not less important after penyetekan or the connection is to cut so that plants can look neat and unique. You need to know, when the ornamental flowers more beautiful, unique, and beautiful, is not likely to increase the resale value.

Just a suggestion, if you want to cultivate ornamental plants, you should do research first about what a good ornamental plant to be cultivated, whether it’s resale value or treatment.



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